We are registered to accept: all Government Funded children; 2 year old funded children; Tax Free Childcare; Childcare Voucher schemes.

Butterflies 3 to rising 5’s

If children have been in our Caterpillars room, they will continue their learning journey into Butterflies at about 3 years. This is a gradual process. The key worker from Caterpillars will spend time with them, approximately a month prior to their birthday, in Butterflies, gradually encouraging them to spend more time with their new key worker and colour group. Parents/carers will be informed of the progress and if it is felt that after their 3rd birthday a little more settling in time is required this will be arranged.

Children may start their learning journey at Pre-school in Butterflies, there is no requirement to start the journey in Caterpillars.  There is no requirement for children to be potty trained to begin their journey in Butterflies.  Staff will discuss this area of development with parents when your child is ready.The staff ratio in Butterflies is 1 Early Years Practitioner to 8 children.  The staff based in our Butterfly room are Keri, Dally, Laura, and Sarah,  all have many years experience in Early Years and believe that children learn best through play.

Although we are flexible with our routines we endeavour to build a timetable into our sessions so that children start to prepare for their formal school years.

Whilst in Butterflies children will enjoy structured play and free play alongside small group time, outdoor play and snack.

Throughout the academic year, before children start their formal education, children will begin their journey to be ‘school ready’. We will endeavour, with your help, and as much as your childs development allows to have the following skills in place for each child:

  • To use the toilet and to wash their hands independently
  • To be able to dress themselves
  • To understand expected levels of behaviour
  • To have an amount of self confidence and self esteem
  • To be able to take turns and to be able to share
  • To be able to sit for short periods of time and listen
  • To be able to leave their main carer with confidence
  • To be able to communicate their needs and points of view
  • To be ready to actively learn
  • To be able to creatively and critically think.