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Lunch Box Ideas

If you struggle with ideas for your child's lunch box day after day here are a few ideas. Simply pick one item from each of the five categories below to make up a well- balanced packed lunch.

You can vary the portion sizes depending on the age and appetite of your child.

Please note: pre-school does not permit nuts and nut products to be brought in lunchboxes (due to pupils with nut allergies). And NO Grapes due to them being a choking hazard.

Tummy fillers. Growing children need starchy foods to fill them up and give them energy. Nutritious meals packed with fibre, protein, carbohydrates and vitamins help your childs growing bones and give them a healthy dose of brain power for the afternoon ahead.

Try some of these ideas: home made bread (wholemeal, granary, multigrain or 50/50) potato cake, malt loaf, hot cross bun, pitta bread, wrap or chappati.

Meat – thin ham , turkey or chicken breast, sausage, meat spread
Fish – tuna (with mayo and sweetcorn) sardines (with tomatoes), fish paste (with cucumber)
Vegetarian – grated cheese, cheese spread, egg, quorn slices, cottage cheese, veggimite
Sweet – high fruit jam, nut free chocolate spread, honey, treacle, lemon curd

Other ideas – pasta salad, rice salad, cous cous, tabbouleh, mini quiche, pizza slice, pakora, samosa, croissant, savoury muffin.

5 a day
In small pots –
raisins, sultanas, pumpkin seeds/sunflower seeds, dried apricots or prunes.
Whole fruits – satsumas, apple, banana, peach, plums, strawberries, melon, pineapple, kiwi.
Fruit salad – a combination of fruits, fruit puree, smoothie. Fruit jelly with fruit pieces in it.
Vegetable box – carrot/cucumber sticks, tomatoes, lettuce
Good for growing bones – fruit yoghurt, fromage frais, cold rice pudding or custard, plain yoghurt, cheese, tzatziki, Raita, cream cheese.

For a little bit extra – scotch egg, mini sausages, sausage roll, falafel, small bag of crisps or a handful in a bag, sweet, Muffin, flapjack, small fairy cake, unsalted popcorn, shortbread, scone, biscuit.

Drinks – water is always on offer but if you would like to provide your own drink here are a few ideas – fruit juice, low sugar squash, fruit shoots.