We are registered to accept: all Government Funded children; 2 year old funded children; Tax Free Childcare; Childcare Voucher schemes.


Heather is our Designated Safe Guarding Lead within the setting.

It is her job to ensure all our policies and procedures are in place to safe guard all that attend the setting and that staff are aware of the procedures to follow if they feel a child is at risk. Heather will liase with outside agencies if they are required to ensure that no child is at risk of harm.

Heather is supported by Hazel and Keri who are also trained to DSL level.

Heather, Hazel and Keri are trained in Early Help.. This is a programme to help families that may be struggling but do not need more formal agencies involved in their lives.

We can offer support and guidance of where to get help with many family issues. We may involve other agencies, such as doctors/ health visitors/ teachers if we feel it will be of benefit to the family and the situation that the family find themselves in.

We follow the NSPCC PANTS programme throughout pre-school - Let's talk PANTS with Pantosaurus! | NSPCC

No new member of staff or student/volunteer is allowed to spend time with the children supervised or unsupervised until a suitable DBS check has been received.

All safe guarding policies can be found in our Policies and Procedure tab.

Another useful link - Protective Behaviours Training Partnership - We All Have The Right To Feel Safe Booklet

Safe Guarding Testimonial - 

I have had the pleasure of all 3 of my children attending Coten End Preschool. All of them had different experiences whilst there, but all of which amazing. My youngest, however, started experiencing some behavioral issues at quite a young age, which progressed rapidly. I was made to feel comfortable enough to speak with Hazel and the keyworkers at anytime, and received the best support from them. They always treated my son and myself fairly, and assisted me to get the best possible help for him.

They introduced the Early Help Programme to us, (now known as Pathway to Change), and supported me the whole way through until my son had to transition to primary school. They always supported me in meeting, understood homelife, and provided a safe and comfortable environment for my little boy, which always ensure he felt like he was accepted and safe. I can honestly say that all of the staff at Coten end Preschool are amazing, and I cannot thank them enough for giving my children the best start in education. Parents comments (V.R 2020)