We are registered to accept: all Government Funded children; 2 year old funded children; Tax Free Childcare; Childcare Voucher schemes.


Anne Marie Holmes is our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENco) and is supported by Chazz.

We, at Coten End Pre-school, feel that this is such an important post, that Anne Marie does not have a group of key children. She is employed specifically to work with those children needing a little extra help.

"My little boy came to Coten End from another Nursey because word of mouth was that they were excellent with children with additional needs. I’m so glad I chose to do this! Jay loved going in every day, they were so loving and attentive towards him and included him in all the activities. The staff offered him extra support when needed and they completed an EHCP for him which has been an anchor for him ever since and has allowed me to access lots of support for him. All the staff made us feel so welcome and treated Jay like family . They were so inclusive, they built his confidence and helped him make his first friend"

Please note all Senco Policies and Procedures can be found in our Policies and Procedures tab.